Saturday, April 28, 2007

Time is Running Out

"There are an estimated 10 million or so horses in the United States, about 10% of which are in an age bracket that is classically high risk for Cushing's. If only 1% of those actually need and use pergolide, that's 10,000 horses that will likely have to be put down if (they don't have) medication," said Eleanor Kellon, VMD, co-owner of the Yahoo Equine Cushing's and Insulin Resistance Group. "The actual number is likely much higher. PPID is also being diagnosed much earlier now. It wouldn't surprise me if the actual number was closer to 50,000."
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This could be my horse, your horse, the elite Olympic eventer or the school horse teaching kids to ride. No breed or type of horse is immune. This site has been started to keep you current on the latest information in the fight to keep pergolide available for our horses. There is at present no viable alternative to pergolide to control Cushing's Disease (PPID) or to stave off the debilitating, often painful and life-threatening side effects of this disease.

To begin - please sign the Save Pergolide petition, then encourage your friends and veterinarian to sign.

Then use the links to write to Federal and State officials, your elected representatives, equine veterinarian associations, your state horse councils and groups. If you can think of a link that should be added, let us know by adding a comment to this (or any) article.

Thank you.

Equine Pergolide Action Now! Team Members

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Ian said...

Patti- The blog site looks good. Thank you for all your hard work setting this up- it will be a great resource in the fight to keep Pergolide available.

Ian Hudgings