Saturday, April 28, 2007

Claire's Letter to the FDA

Posted to EC Photos, reprinted with permission of author.

Dear Fellow Listers,

At Robin & Dr. Kellon's request I am posting a link to the letter I sent yesterday to Dr. Marcia Larkins and Dr. Stephen Sundlof at the FDA:

The reason I'm linking to it, rather than pasting it directly into this email is because it contains photos that I think are a very important and integral part of the message. And as you know we can't post photos directly into this list's messsages.
Read Claire's letter to the FDA.

Please understand that this letter is merely a SAMPLE of a personalized FDA plea. Please DO NOT copy my wording as it would really lessen the impact on those at FDA if they get letters that are very similarly worded -- BUT you can certainly use it as a starting point and modify it to fit your personal situation. The more letters they receive from horseowners talking about their specific horses, the more likely they are to view this as a very REAL threat to very REAL horses. Dr. Kellon has hit them with facts and numbers and hopefully educated them as to the value & importance of pergolide for treatment of these horses. You and I can make it real & personal. These are not just numbers, these horses are very real and part of our families.

Please write !! tell them your story...and specifically ask them to make a <<<"specific exemption from compounding from bulk drug for pergolide to be used to treat equine PPID">>>

If we lose just one horse due to the unavailability of pergolide's one too many !!!!! Jump on the band wagon and write to everyone who might have an impact.I have sent everyone in my address book the petition to sign and will continue to write letters until this issue is resolved.

At their request, I even wrote a story for a local AZ publication the "Bridle & Bit"...hope they can get in their next issue.We need to speak out ...loud & clear!!!!For my beloved Tamera and every horse out there that needs pergolide!!!!

Claire from AZ

[Claire's article in Bridle & Bit]

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