Sunday, October 23, 2011

Branded Equine Pergolide Introduced in the UK

A version of pergolide mesylate branded for equine use has been introduced in the UK by drug manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim Limited.

Viovet, a UK veterinary medicine provider,  shows the Prascend data sheet and cost per tablet here.
What does this mean for US horses currently maintained on compounded pergolide to control their PPID symptoms?
If Viovet's cost is "typical", the equivalent cost in the US will be approximately $1.41 a day for a horse receiving one milligram of pergolide daily, or about $43.00 a month. What if your horse needs a higher dose - can you afford up to $215.00 a month, the cost of the highest dose recommended by Boehringer Ingelheim  to provide your horse with relief from the symptoms and problems associated with PPID?
Will FDA approval of an "equine" product eliminate the availability of the affordable compounded pergolide products currently used by thousands of horses? Who benefits from this - certainly not the horses or their owners.
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