Monday, May 7, 2007

Pergolide Supply Dwindling

Re: I wonder if anyone else is having this problem [veterinarians being told by pharmacies that there is adequate stock of pergolide]

Posted by Dr. Kellon on EC List May 7, 2007 Msg #91278

The big compounders were saying "no problem" initially too - until
they tried to place an order for bulk drug.

- pills are gone
- legitimate drug wholesalers (who supply compounding pharmacies)
have no drug
- Customs is *allegedly* (haven't confirmed this) stopping drug at
the border

There are US manufacturers who make bulk pergolide that *might* (this
isn't confirmed either) be able to supply compounders under a
veterinary use only order, but the rock bottom lowest price I've
found from the US companies is over $1 per mg, so the compounded
product would be at least $2/mg, probably more.

A compounder still selling the drug without a price mark up and
saying "no problem" is either selling VERY old stock, or is getting
it black market. Tell any vets claiming this isn't an issue to ask
the compounder where their drug is coming from and when did they last
check with their supplier about availability.

Make no mistake about this. There definitely is a crisis.


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