Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Canadians Lend Their Support

Bridie before being started on Pergolide showing many of the "typical" signs of Cushing's disease

After a year on Pergolide, you can see how much healthier and perkier Bridie appears.

Excerpts from Angela's letter to Canadian publicatons -

I am writing this letter to inform you of the plight of many thousands of Cushing's Equines in the USA - and quite possibly in Canada in the near future - if the issue with Pergolide withdrawal by the FDA (due to side effects in humans but never documented in equines) is not resolved quickly. The drug Pergolide is the treatment of choice for Equine Cushing's or PPID. My Shetland pony of 20 years is on Pergolide for Cushing's and she is healthy and happy. Not so prior to the diagnosis and drug intervention. Bridie had laminitis and founder with rotation in all four hooves and was in considerable pain. With “DDT”- diagnosis, diet and trim with keen hoof management, it took 12 months of rehabilitation to return to health and she is NOW pain free. Without the medication Pergolide to control her symptoms I would have no choice but to have her humanely put to sleep. This is the dilemma.

The U.S. FDA, which on March 29 2007 withdrew the drug Pergolide, still has not brought forth any resolution to the predicament they put us in. As a consequence of this, thousands of horses are at risk to be euthanized due to uncontrolled symptoms of Cushing's - the most common and severe symptoms being crippling laminitis and founder. The reserve drug supplies are almost gone and production has been halted. We have asked the FDA to amend this desperate situation with an EXEMPTION FOR COMPOUNDING PERGOLIDE for special veterinary use.

At present news stations and horse publications are now addressing this issue with editorials and news spots highlighting this horrendous situation. Yet, many vets and caregivers are still not current on the situation. Without Pergolide to control the symptoms they can progress to laminitis and founder within two to three weeks. Time is running out for these equines as Pergolide production has been halted in the U.S.A. An online petition has over 4,500 signatures to date and this number grows every day. We are requesting all venues to provide public information on the desperate plight of these equines and beseech the FDA to address this issue IMMEDIATELY!

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