Monday, April 30, 2007

Great Personalized Letter

My letter to Senator McCain

I worked on McCain's first bid for US Senate - though I no longer live in AZ,
thought maybe this might help...


Dear Senator McCain,

Think way back to 1986 - I was that cute redhead at your headquarters in
Phoenix with whom you would flirt on occasion. (All in good fun, and even with
your wife present.) Anyway, I've been telling people for years that I hoped you
would be elected to the highest office so that I could say the President used to
flirt with me. (And of course that meant something before Clinton.)

At any rate, 20 years later and not nearly as cute (and now married to soon to
be retired Lt. Colonel Karl W******), I am writing to ask a favor...

I know you are very very busy, but...

We horse owners are facing a crisis. Pergolide, the only drug that manages
Equine Cushing's disease, has been pulled from the market. For people, there
are other alternatives, but for the horses there are none. A group of over
3,000 of us have signed a petition and sent it to the FDA without satisfactory
response to date. Thousands of horses' lives depend on this drug.

Below is the letter that has been sent along with the contact information; I
am hoping that you can do something to help usher a life-saving response soon.

Thank you,
And best of everything to you.
Kirsten (B***) W********

Contact at FDA:
David J. Horowitz
Deputy for Compliance Policy
Phone: 301-827-4225
Fax: 301-443-6591

"Time is running out for these horses. We urge the FDA to immediately
institute the provision for regulatory discretion as detailed in CVM
Program Policy and Guidelines Manual, Guide 1240.4170 by publishing
an exception from the prohibition on compounding from bulk drug with
specific reference to horses with Cushing's Disease as at least an
interim solution. We have fulfilled the requirements for
documentation of impending shortage, documentation of need and
absence of alternatives for horses. To allow even one horse to suffer
needlessly is an outrage. Human pharmacies with generic pills - those
that even have any - are price gouging. An owner informed me
yesterday her cost went up over 100%. These horses desperately need
an affordable solution."

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